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Faraday Fire Safety Equipment

Preferred Technology Incorporated

Through our strategic business alliance with Faraday Fire Safety Equipment, Lisco Electric Co., Inc. has combined resources with one of the largest Fire and Safety device manufacturers in the United States. Faraday, a name synchronous with quality has been in the business for over 130 years, using the latest technology on the market they can provide maximum quality for all your safety needs.


Lisco Electric is a distributor of the state-of-the art fire safety solutions provided by Faraday. Lisco Electric also provides: Voice Evacuation Systems, Detection and Initiation Systems.


Lisco Electric is knowledgeable in the problems that are concerns for most Residential/Luxury Condominiums, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Facilities when it comes to Fire and Life Safety, and we can provide our professional expertise in solving most design questions.


We can precisely fit your safety concerns and budget requirements with our design build/engineering services.   Whether it is a simple one-loop system or a large multi-device networked system, we can provide you with a competitive price, competent installation and outstanding customer service. 


We are fully trained distributors of the full line of Faraday manufactured Fire Alarm equipment. We also have an extensive working knowledge of other manufactured equipment.


We exceed all requirements in the field of inspections, testing and calibration/sensitivity as well as provide all the appropriate documentation for your records.


Lisco Electric has formed a strategic business alliance with Preferred Technology, Inc. (PTI). 

PTI is one of the largest dealerships of integrated access control in the industry. Lisco Electric installs and implements various scenarios in conjunction with the innovative equipment and customer service that PTI provides.  

Applications for the PTI equipment include access security for: Schools, Hospitals, Assisted Living Buildings, Manufacturing, Luxury Condominiums, and Office Complexes.

Lisco Electric delivers the most comprehensive set of features for general access/security on the market today.






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